What features do you want added to Infinity?

Hey everyone! So as you know we’re working hard on getting Infinity 3.0 released. I can’t give an exact time frame, but it will be MUCH sooner than you’re used to.

Do you guys have any ideas for how we can improve Infinity’s UX/UI? Do you have any specific feature requests? Anything you don’t like currently?

There is a high chance we have already incorporated an idea or suggestion, but we just wanted to reach out one final time. We got A LOT of great feedback in the beta tester applications and we didn’t want anyone to miss out on giving their two cents.

Note: Please don’t request specific games or cheats here.

Thank you! :+1:


When’s the rocket league trainer coming?

j/k. More colors!


There are some games I don’t want/need a trainer for, and I’d love to see an option to remove or hide them from the My Games list to keep it that tab from becoming so cluttered.

For example, I played Skyrim so many times over the years that I no longer wish to actually play the game itself, but I do use it extensively to mod (plugin mods, not cheat mods) for personal art projects. If I were to decide I did want to actually play it again and to use cheats, it’s really simple enough to use its native console codes to do what I want.

Alternatively, if it’s impractical to remove/hide icons from my list of games, an option to sort the list in a custom order might help.

Thanks so much for all the work you guys have done already! :smiley:


ya wtf man

I second the colors, must have red UI.

And I’m OCD regarding all this empty space. Maybe move the “My Games, Popular, Latest, A-Z” up there? Or just stick in a massive “Infinity” up there :p.

Ability to sort via last launched/modded game would be helpful.
Perhaps also allow for a settings option to choose a default tab.

Simple quality of life improvement for me. I tend to play 1 or 2 games at a time and having to scroll through is a hindrance (not a major one, but still). Having it keep track of the last games I launched/modded would allow me to quickly resume where I left off the following day/week/whatever.

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There is a search bar above the games so you don’t have to scroll through them.

What i like to change?

  • Button to Trainer Topic
    Reasons: Ive seen too many posting their own topics and sometimes even in totally wrong section
    That later have been merged with the original topic for the trainer. Wouldnt hurt to point them in the right direction.
    Dont you think?

  • Button for Help Center
    Reasons: I think help center are too bad known for many of the users out there.
    If http://support.wemod.com/help_center would be added in Infinity, i think we will cut down on confused people.
    Some easy questions can be found by the user. So they dont need to wait for support.

Thats about all i can come up with now, mostly UX to both make it easier for User as well as Developer

Mac version of Infinity is much more important

I think its fine. Although they could add daily memes there from travis.
Also a Dominono Pizza insta order, so you dont need to call to get it.
“Infinity” - Get your pizza, by click of a button

For real and jokes aside though, i think there should be maybe some helpful links.
Either there or on the left side. Like what i said above about: http://support.wemod.com/help_center

Its too many that dont know about that part of our page.
Since some problems can easy be solved by throwing them that link.

Chris have it right about the search bar. But of course if “My Games” for example could get the option for “Last played”. It wouldnt hurt imho. It just add more functionality to Infinity.
Is the functionality needed, not in my opinion. But there could be more people that want this.


You’ve probably heard the request before. In the Games tab, we see two categories: “Installed” and “Not Installed” (on the left side of the panel). Along with adding a “Favorites” category, it would be nice if we could create our own categories for games (much like Steam allows).

Also the Games tab could use an “Add to Favorites” with a row dedicated to favorites right below the “Recently Played” row (on the right side of the panel).

There is already a favorites category if you favorite the game.

TIL: click the star to favorite a game. Thanks!