What game would you reccomend to play drunk?

I went out and drank a few glasses of varied fermented liquids, mostly wine, but im still too energetic but not enough to go out again since my feet hurts, what games would you guys/garls reccomend for this kind of moments?


(as you can see in the picture a 4 decade old female was putting her milf claws over me since i remember them her lost innocence)

PS: i just played some CSGO and somehow i got first using revolver and a shotgun in ak1 rank, but i dont wanna push my luck there.

Drunk PUBG is real fun. At least in squad.

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This is 50 shades of fuc*ed up :stuck_out_tongue:


the aftermatch, kinda strage you use that mask thou


That is how he look like.

Hahaha omg. Thats great. !!
Was gonna suggest a game but i think " porkin’ piggy is the best one when drunk.
Then its pork belly time. !

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Add vodka for full immersion.

Its a good game tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t know you piggy drank vodka? 8)

No vodka. Just whine. Get it ? whine. Hahaha.

Fuc*ing christ man xD

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cheesus :ok_hand: :joy::100:
piggy drinks anything fermented

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i thought when you’re drunk it’s time to play some horror games, e.g Outlast. another variant - moba/fps multiplayer games.you don’t care about feeding, losing and the other’s people opinion/rage.

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I agree Outlast is a great game to play when somewhat inebriated, along with Amnesia :rofl:

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well, there are centain risk of playing in a drunk state those games, your valves may open in a jump scare , never happened to me thou, speaking from the experience of a friend of a friend :sweat_smile:

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If you’re with friends or a significant other, I would definitely suggest Overcooked or Gang Beasts. Overcooked might start some arguments though, things can get hectic. Gang Beasts can give some laughs. Both are fun.

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thanks !

@SteveWonda now we know what to play :pig::two_hearts:

I would recommend any one of the " sakura " games. Lotta fun when drinking


And heres the link too !!

LA Noire is must to play when half cut if only for the driving…
this game had my wife and I in complete hysterics :joy:

and just for clarification YES we where both pissed!!

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