What happened to the GRiD Legends mods? (EA App)

Hello to all,

I discovered Wemod a short time ago and what a fantastic discovery; being a console gamer converted to PC I rediscovered a way to play and replay certain games by achieving the impossible.

In short, I started GRID Legends via the PC gamepass, a game that starts via the EA application.
I was able to use mods until now for this game (which had the double compatibility EA and Steam, I think).
I discover today that the variant for EA games has disappeared, not allowing me to launch mods on this game with the platform I use. I couldn’t find any information about it, nor explain why something existed and was removed.
Could someone tell me more? I would be grateful,
Thanks in advance!

The trainer has never officially been available for EA, only Steam. The trainer will work on all platforms though due to the way EA forces you to install their app and then install the game there.

Thank you for your answer, you are right, the trainer does work.
Is this Steam/EA app inter-compatibility functional for all games? and vice versa?
I had noticed that for microsoft games (Xbox), the mods designed for Steam are not applicable.

Thanks for your answers,

For the most part, yes. This is generally true with all platforms except Windows Store/Xbox.