What is good internet speed for gaming?

since my college internet is so bad im going to pay for my own and right now it is 10mb per sec is that good for gaming i can go up to 15mb a sec for $9.99 more a month i do not have the net yet as they are coming the 2nd of September to hook it up. i will not have router it will Ethernet to the xbox and my laptop.

3mb/s is great. I always get host with it.

But i have 25mb/s but frontier never lets its users go above 3mb/s.

So thats a good speed.

Depends on provider If u ask me.

And att is not one of em.

Wait you only get 3mb/s and still pull host? I get 27mb/s and rarely pull host. I have to go to my dads and his is like 66 and I pull host all the time.

But I would say anything over 10mb/s. I mean gabe plays on like 150kb/s

My connection is 0.5MB and i manage to get host. I always get a 3 bar connection so its alright.

Has nothing to do with speed really… its just location / provider.

i.e. I went from 40mbps to 1mbps and no difference in my ping.

I get host every time I play ANYTHING. Almost any time. My connection is maybe 20mbps

Well that means the host is usually near you. If they where in another country like europe (if your in usa) then your connection will suck.

he’s telling you the truth .
He will get host but there is always very bad spawn lag.

I have 11.20MB - 14.00MB and i occasionally get host.

it really depends about your ping and if it dissconects randomly which would be really annoying.

generally you cant start telling the difference 135’ish for ping, and anything over 180-190 you can tell small lag ( like occisionally shooting a rocket or something and it takes a extra 1/2 second to launch )

And 10mbs is more then enough, i only have a 2.6mbs connection and i get mostly 160ish ping in games, so you will most likely get around 100 / 4 bars , but it also depends on the server your playing on, if your on pc choose low ping servers :smiley:

Mine is 25mbps but my download speed is like 2mb/s tops. I get host a lot of the times I play btw.

Does anyone know a good way to make better and easier connection?

You can’t really. It all depends on your ISP.
A good internet speed would be the one right there in my sig lol





its road runner time Warner cable i have it at my house now and its been good, except few times some one joins online and then i lag a lot.