What is this router equivalent to as far as netgear routers?

the house i’m at has this router


i want to upgrade it but want to know what is the equivalent of this to say a netgear router?

anyone have an idea? i want a router that isn’t too overkill so i want to base it around this one

Just gonna put this out there netgear is complete crap. Everyone I’ve had has been terrible. I don’t know how you can have an overkill router though. I would grab something like an Asus RT-N66

If you’re willing to drop that much money, get an ASUS router. I’ve never looked back. Quality and performance is far superior to those I’ve had in the past, like Netgear and D-Link.

I agree you should go with ASUS, I have a RT-N66R and its way better than the belkins I use to use, not to mention netgear is complete ****.

Really? I’ve heard good things about the nighthawks from netgear


I once bought a netgear and regretted it.

It has since been scrapped for parts… don’t buy a netgear.

I have this beast R800 and it’s been working wonders for me. A little bit of a high price tag though lol. But I definitely get what I pay for connection wise. I don’t see the problem with Netgear really as a lot of people above are bashing them. Curious as to what routers they had from them?

Netgear are the worst, I Have one at my house and the WiFi signal that’s coming out of it is complete crap, I have to always be wired or i’ll be lagging really bad.

I’ve had a Netgear router for the past 5 years and I’ve never had any issues.

How would that n66 work in an apartment? Strong signal all around?

I had one in my house in CA which was 3500 sq and we had full bars everywhere so I can’t imagine any different for an apartment.

If you can’t get full bars in an apartment using a potato, you’re doing it wrong.

But seriously, depending on how many people are around you, you’ll definitely want to consider a router in which you can utilize the 5 Ghz and 802.11ac wireless bands. This is of course you have devices that have the ability to use these.

I have a netgear r7000 nighthawk and it works fine for me aden. cost me a lot of money to buy it, but it is perfect for gaming.