What Is Your Most Hated Song?

Mine is “My Humps”

Friday by Rebecca Black. -,-

So many people hate that song, but honestly to me, it’s just a typical ****ty song. It’s no worse than other typical radio songs. People just hate it so much because everyone else does.

Anything by the fake rapper iggy and nicky and lilwayne cause they cant sing and all they do is sing about crap and their music is trashy and in fact none of their music is not good and iggy and nicky are butt ass ing ugly and i would rather cut my own eyes out and stick a pencil in both my ears before i ever listen to their music even on the radio i will change the station in a heartbeat and all lilwayne talks about is hoes n this n**** that…sorry for the potty mouthing guys but its the truth

Justin Bieber’s songs each and every single one of it but mostly its Never Say Never

I can’t decide which I hate more.

But dude for real i can name a truck ton of music artist i hate or would love to just cut their heads off and plant them on a spike in my front yard

Every song I don’t like. I really dislike this one.

Well sorry, but I hate for other reasons than just hopping on a bandwagon. First off, it is a poorly written song, repetitive, and the girl has a god awful voice.

I’m a swag-***, but this song is so bad.

Anything nickleback

Most new “Rap” & what not is usually the stuff i hate now a days.