What is your thoughts on The Division?

Did it live up to the hype or did it die? Honestly I only played the beta on PC. I thought it was okay. If you didn’t have friends to go into the dark zone you were just trashed on. I am getting another Xbox One today so probably gonna pick it up due to my friends playing the game.

I hit level 28 recently and finished the main missions. I think the game is good overall and hope they continue to push DLC that draws me back into the game. I went from level 3 in the DZ to level 20 today half of that on my own and the other with a random guy I teamed up with. I luckily didn’t run into any rogue agents.

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It’s alright. Large map with decent graphics, good ai, rewarding loot and not much grinding. 4/5 maybe.

@UnderCoverUZI Rouges are usually not very dangerous actually. Especially not if you are teaming with other players.

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