What should I do I keep getting hit offline

Ok so theres this kid named and I was talking to him in a party and he got mad cause I trolled him and I have known him for a while and realized he was an a$$hole. Now today he hit me offline for about a half hour and he keeps hitting me offline after he waits a half hour just to piss me off so could somebody please tell me what I should do. My parent’s are mad at me and I don’t know what to do and I thought people here could help so please somebody help :cry:

Invite me to the party :wink:, I’ll handle this…

Change your IP.

Change your Ip Address


Take the Gamertag and call the Internet Security Agency, Or contact MS

hitting you offline? whaa?

Change your ip… If you have static, you’re ****ed hahaha…
@above, DDoS (DoS, maybe…)

call ur ISP, and pay a fee, they can change ur IP, if u dont wanna do that, get in a party with him, get his IP, buy a booter, then hit him. or talk to PsycO

Not needed when PsycO is on the scene lmao hope this gets resolved lol

PsycO get on xbox please!!

lol what a gangster

how can you get their IP? Its over live :stuck_out_tongue: and i doubt you could get him to go to an IP stealer site…

  1. Get offline.
  2. Stop pissing people off.

He does it to everybody for fun I had him muted I didn’t even piss him off

Commview, Cain, Derp.

Don’t troll if you can’t back it up.

Lol you said you were trolling him lol

I invited the kid, he never joined.

Hes a p*ssy hes not joining because he knows skill got someone on his ass lol kid prolly uses shells too lul