What would be your secondary/side weapon of choice in a game?

If you had only the choice of carrying two weapons in a game, a primary and a secondary, what secondary weapon would you select and why?

If you have any specific weapon in mind then feel free to mention it.

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I use a sword or pistol, if dual wielding was enabled I’d use two pistols/swords depending on the type of strategy I need to take.

Chances are primary would be sword & secondary would be dual wielding pistols if it was a choice.

A pistol definitely. As a secondary it must be reliable in any and all situations. Most shotguns or Rocket Launchers take too long to have aimed in and ready when I pistol is small, light-weight, and overall very reliable in any situation you find yourself in. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a M1911 over any other pistol any day.

1911 are not really reliable in any situation. The extreme tolerance means they are prone to issues from dirt, sand, mud, ect. Probably the most reliable pistol today is still any glock. Probably would have to go with a glock 20 because 10mm FTW or if you have infinite ammo a glock 18. As for a primary I would have to with an FNH Scar 17 because of the 7.62 nato and threaded barrel which would make it versatile.

confirmed chris makes love to guns

M4 Primary & Glock 19 Secondary.

I’d take a Glock 22 as my secondary any day, they rarely fail and 40 cal rounds have some nice stopping power. It’s also easier to carry a small secondary instead of two larger weapons.

How is a sub-compact beretta (PsX4 not positive on this number) 40 grain ambidextrous pistol sound? I like ambidextrous in real life so I can use two pistols.

Why would you want to use two pistols in real life? I’m not saying it’s stupid but reloading and if you get a jamb would be a real pita.

Practice reloading the right way & constant care of the gun helps aid with the jamming. But in real life or in game, I do better with two guns than one. I’m guess I’m weaponized that way. You probably won’t believe it, but 60 yard shot almost got bullseye in the target with two pistols & 30 yard shot just using one got me 2nd ring. ;( Had to borrow another person’s gun though.

Yea when you can prove that I will believe it. You are basically telling me you are competition level shooter at this point. I’m lucky to have a 4 inch group at 15 yard and at 25 yards I’m happy if I hit an 8" target. I just have to believe anyone that tells me they can dual wield and accurately shoot I’m going to call BS. I’ve seen competition shooters try to dual wield and it normally only turns out well with the people that specialize in that. Also reloading the correct way involved 2 hands. You leave the mag near eye level so you never lose sight of the target.

Chris we all know you would take a putter as a secondary.

While I’m not doubting any skill you might have. How many shots did you fire to almost hit the bulls eye… I mean I can shoot 200 rounds dual wielding and probably hit the center eventually lol

Fair point!

OT: Pistol for me.