Whats the difference between horizon and modio?

Title says it all.

Well Modio is better.
Modio has a lot more options and is more clean.

You’re ****ing kidding right?
have you even DOWNLOADED horizon?

Modio is poop… :smile:


Horizon is more up to date and It has Halo 3 ,Odst, and Reach mod tools and just soo more tools to use and the dev’s are still adding things to Horizon. I think they stopped updating modio idk :p. But Horizon is better to alot of other people. :smile:

Take a look here - https://www.wemod.com/forum/19-horizon-modding/19354-horizon-v-modio.html?highlight=Horizon+Modio

That shows Modio’s Tools and Horizon’s Tools.

Tools like the Device Explorer are coded much better.


EDIT: Really TooMuchSweat?

Horizon= Sex
Modio= the unwanted bastard son of Rebecca Black.

I don’t see a point to comparing Horizon to a dead project. There are other tools that are worth mentioning other than Modio.