Whats wrong

none of the games showing on the app I restarted my computer and the game still not showing on the app. do someone know how to fix this.

have u tried to re-install the Infinity program ? which games do you own. Steam, GOG, or Uplay ? try to manually select the game’s folder where it has been installed on your hard drive.

if still facing issue, give this a try. not sure it woukld help. Try the suggestion posted by @nick_666 over here. :stuck_out_tongue:

r u using windows 10 OS btw ?

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yes I’m using windows 10 OS.

I’m trying to play battlefield 1

ok, so it works now ?

u can also try to first launch the Infinity tool, and then start any of your games. do a manual pick of the game folder.

Use this to clear your cache and try again.

After doing that^, launch bf1 yourself then attach infinity. Origin doesn’t work properly sometimes.