Whats your Mw3 stats?

What’s your stats ?

Nice Not Bad ill get a pic soon.

Dead Image

his k/d ratio is 2.000

Hold on I’m in a game right now,ill show after.

It’s 2.000…

So a 2 k/d ratio.

Posting off the top of my head. if you’d like pics just say so.

Level 70 First Prestige
6000 Kills
3100 Deaths
1.90 K/D
170 something wins
70-80 losts.
30 something winsteak thats still going.
My kill streak is 25 or 26

Pics or GTFO

OT: I’d rather not, I suck right. Haven’t play cod in like 7 months.

pc version?

Hence the ESC and F buttons. And the mouse. derp.

just letting you know…


Another one of these threads? really?

1st prestige
score 126510
wins 85
losses 86 (i rage quit)
ties 0
win streak 9
kills 1642
deaths 727
k/d ratio 2.258
headshots 254
accuracy 17.10%
assists 51
kill streak 16
time played 0d 15h 59m

I posted this first :smiley:

Here is my rank and k/d, im to lazy to get all of my stuff again :stuck_out_tongue:

Rank - 62

K/D - 1.7

Here is my thread, lol.



Score 142570
Wins 76
Loses 25
Ties 0
Win Streak 12
Kills 2096
Deaths 869
K:D Ratio 2.411
Headshots 140
Accuracy 12.97%
Assists 154
Kill Streak 19
Time played 0d14h54m

It’s only the second one, I clearly didn’t search well enough …

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