When i Launch the app it is HUGE

So when I launch the app it takes up both of my screens and about 70 more off screen. I have to move it around shrink it down just to use it. I have tried the browser trick of maximizing then min to the size you make it so it remembers it. that does not seem to do anything.

Hello there,
Definitely the first time I heard of this bug.
Is this only happening with WeMod or any other app?

What Windows version do you have?

When you close the app make sure you close it properly and don’t alt-f4 or just shut down your PC otherwise it will not save the settings. If that doesn’t fix the issue reinstalling should fix it.

If both of those fail, until we can figure out something else you can quickly resize it with ctrl+shift+w

What is the Proper way of closing it? I usually close it from the tray icon

the cntrl Shift w did something. It shrank it down to normal. It was almost like it was on some kinda of zoom before, but just the app. This is windows 11. Maybe I pressed or did something to make it so big. I am new to 11

I have never used alt f4 to close a program in my life.