When will Battlefield 1 be updated?

New to Infinity and I definitely like it. It works perfectly for most games. But… Battlefield 1 got an update recently and now (for about 21 days) it can’t start from Infinity. Will it get an update? And more in general: Who is responsible for updating trainers? Is Infinity a collection of 3rd-party developers?

Infinity is a collection of trainers made by developers for we mod, they update them as they notice they need an update, or people request an update. but they also have a fair amount of games on their list other than just BF1.

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You can post a request to the trainer maker/developer, which is STN, under the official thread/topic. Btw, I’ve moved your topic under the correct forum category/section::

Thanks for your replies. Read just now that Infinity takes version numbers of games into consideraton, so it should always work, shouldn’t it? So maybe there’s something else going on when I get the message that Infinity can’t find the game.

Yes it takes version number but if the game was updated and the trainer wasn’t there is a possibility it won’t work. We can’t force games to use old updates. Have you tried starting the game first then starting Infinity?

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Oh, always thought game had to be started from Infinity. I’ll try that.

Not a trainer issue. If the cheats don’t work or crash your game that’s when the trainer comes into play.

BF1 takes forever to launch, that’s why infinity times out. Try attaching infinity after game has run.

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Please update cheats for the new update using the mods makes the game crash also health does not work anymore, try instant kill and gravity hack too please :slight_smile:

Easy kills is instant kill. I wasn’t aware of an update, i’ll add it to my list.

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