When will you update forza horizon 5 cheats?

I hope i get a response, if yes will it be updated soon?
Ik the owner of it is “retired” but cant you get someone else who will continue updating it?

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The creator of that trainer, @MrAntiFun, is certainly not retired.

However, the trainer itself has been retired and will no longer be updated. This is because Forza’s developers have added a new anti-cheat that causes issues when using the trainer. Attempting to use a trainer on Forza Horizon 5 will always cause the game to crash at start-up.

All trainer developers on the internet have retired their Forza Horizon 5 trainers and will no longer be updating them.

This is made clear in the official threads for the trainer, for example: Forza Horizon 5 Cheats and Trainer for Xbox - #386 by Chris.
And other related threads: Forza Horizon 5 crash on start up - #23 by AussiePixelBit

Hmm okay sad…
But thank you for the answer!

Because no game developer ever treats us players! Makes this damn angry :rage::rage::rage:! I mean, it’s not like this is the first time, which was truly ironic

Most welcome!
In my 4 years at WeMod, only two game developers have ever had an issue with trainers being used in single-player game modes. Unfortunately, Forza’s devs are one of them.

As someone who actually works in the game development industry, I can say that this is a false statement and purely one-sided speculation. :slight_smile:

As said above, only two developers in the last 4 years have had an issue with trainers being used in their games.

See my recent post here for more information: Denuvo to block cheats and mods in games - #5 by Ravenfyre.