Where did the left bar of my games go? New install and its not there

Title…new computer and WeMod does not have the left column of my games like my old one. How do I get it back?

That has not been part of WeMod for over a year, so your version was outdated. That was replaced by a better search bar and the my games / explore tab.

Not even an option for it? Terrible design choice considering all these game UI(steam/epic/gamepass) have the games on the left bar to easily click through them not some back and forth junk, go against the trend I suppose. Ill load an old copy. Thanks

From my personal perspective as an employee of a game developer, working at a senior management level in the User/Community & Marketing departments specifically:

Showing the list of games on the left of the WeMod software actually made it look very cluttered. Which would have also been quite poor for user-friendliness, bombarding new users with so much content as soon as they launched the software.

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to trying to retain new members is to constantly bombard them with information they are never going to ever need. 98% of the games in that list the average user was never going to play or have any interest in playing - the only thing it achieved was cluttering the UI.

Things move fast in the 21st century. People no longer want to have walls of information thrown in their faces anymore. They want minimalism and things to be very quickly to the point without having to spend so much time searching.

The change WeMod made, in my professional opinion based on my User/Community/Marketing experience, was a positive one. And I’m not saying that just because I spend some time supporting the community here as a moderator.

You can still search for games in the search bar in the WeMod desktop app.
Your games are now neatly organised under the “My games” tab.
You can also see the list of supported games on the website: WeMod - Browse All Supported Games.