Where to buy pre Jtaged or RGH xbox? Help?

I really want a Jtagged Xbox mainly for black ops 2 zombies hacks and stuff. So where is a good, legit site to buy a modded Xbox?

Xbox 360 Marketplace - The Tech Game just buy it from someone with a Sticky thread

What was posted above is legit. I had a friend buy a Xenon off there and he got it. Just make sure its stickied like he said.

I’ll be honest, don’t buy one. If all you’re going to use it for is Call of Duty hacks, it’s a waste. JTAGs and RGHs have ‘endless’ possibilities, not just CoD modding. You can gladly buy one, I can’t control your money but I’d wait until you know more about JTAGs, their abilities and such.

But if you’re going to ignore this and buy anyways, here are two members from TTG I’d highly recommend from experience.

UK: http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=1681398/uk-free-p-p-jtags-rgh-repairs-best-uk-warranty.html

US [US] Mafia5K’s 360 MOD SHOP <> Jtags and Console Services - The Tech Game

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I want one to be able to download and play games. You spend a couple hundred dollars on a console to never have to pay for games again. Obviously buying the ones to play online but hell, I’d love to just try every game that comes out.