Why Are There No Nude Mod(s) On Xbox 360?

I am very surprised that there are are no nude mods for Xbox 360 and would like to suggest that someone should create one.

Probably because no one bothers modding xbox 360 skyrim. Just get one one of those nude tubes and practice you right hook.

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For example nude mods in bethesda site are flagged and removed since the guidelines prohibit them. And It just requieres too much time and effort for something there is no enough demand.

If you want porn, why dont you visit a porn site :slight_smile:

I bet there are nude girls mod on the PC, its always someone that is horny enough to make them.
But the Xbox Modding community is smaller.

Therefor no one have bother fully and publicly.
There could of course be a nude mod for it but i dont think you find it here, and i doubt anyone will take their time making one for you.

Do you even have a modded Xbox 360?