Why Call of Duty is bad

Okay, I am totally bored and so I am going to make another one of these threads. Bare in mind I am going to destroy Call of Duty in this post and so if you don’t like it, press back. Now, I have played EVERY last Call of Duty but I am going to only discuss Call of Duty 4 and up.

Okay so lets start with why I hate Call of Duty, I hate it because its to simple and repetitive. Every Call of Duty feels the same and it just gets boring after a while, over the passed couple of months its been like a chore to actually play a few games with my friends, after 2 or 3 games I am wanting to slit my wrists because I am that bored. To be honest I am finding reasons right now as to why I shouldn’t throw all my Call of Duty’s at the wall or bury them in my back garden and forget about them. I would sell them but if I did that, I know am I going to turn a normal kid into a Call of Duty loving freak.

I hate the way the community as a whole doesn’t actually care for the game at all because if you cared you wouldn’t from day 1 search for Mods and Glitches that give you an advantage over other players. You’re the only group of people, I know that actually likes destroying your favourite game. From day 1 you guys search on ways you can cheat your rank up to the highest which takes all the fun from the game straight away.

Just look at CoD4 and W@W for instance, them games are a wreck with mods online you can’t join a game without everyone flying around with god mode. Basically rendering them games dead to everyone. What is the fun in that? Because I honestly have no idea how one can do that 24/7 straight and still feel ‘pro’ because that isn’t ‘pro’ that is just beyond stupid.

Another thing I hate about the community is that it is believe it or not 90% of the community are 5 - 15 year olds that you just have to mute the second they open their gobs. Shivers Have you ever been told to “grow some balls” by a 10 year old? It actually hurts, it makes me have very little faith in humanity that one of these will be on the front lines thing real life war is like Call of Duty. I hope to god one of them doesn’t die hoping they respawn because then, I would just lose all faith in humanity and I would just want to die to save myself from the misery.

Onto the maps, I hate them all. They’re all equally terrible. What the **** is up with the spawns on every map? On summit I can spawn and then the whole enemy team spawns behind me and I just have to throw my controller in anger and I am not even an angry person. How hard is it to sort them spawns out? It has been a problem since day 1 on every last Call of Duty and yet it just gets ignored each and every time.

I also hate the size of the maps, with small maps all the action is in the middle and everyone just camps. I mean with other games such as Battlefield Bad Company you can spawn and not get raped straight away (Unless special circumstances like your team is terrible and the other team is hogging everything. ) I have never spawned so many times in front of an enemy on any other game.

The only thing I can say that is good about the series is the campaign and even then that is as flawed as they come. For instance Russia has a small to medium navy size and even then most of the navy is out of date and couldn’t really do any damage, so how the **** is America being attacked? America has the largest navy in the world and not a single thing could get passed it. An invasion on American soil is impossible especially by a country that has small navy, outdated weapons and **** tactics. It doesn’t matter what universe you’re in Russia wouldn’t get passed Americas navy and so the campaign is flawed.

Another thing I can say I dislike about the series is that the developers are money grabbing *****s. What is with the CoDXP thing? $150 to see some MW3 footage and play some paintball. I can watch MW2.5 footage on Youtube and I can play paintball for £100 cheaper. So I don’t get how they get away with charging outrages prices for such a pointless event and I don’t get how so many people fall for it and actually buy tickets.

Map packs are awesome and all when they’re made right and not one map pack on Call of Duty has interested me because first of all the price 1200mps for 4 maybe 5 maps if you’re lucky. Look at Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP system, you paid 800msp for 17 maps and an online pass along with many, many other awesome things.

I won’t go into detail on the other things but I will say I despise the Quickscopers and Trickshotters because just about EVERYONE can do it and so it takes no skill and when you don’t do it you have some vulgar, 12 year old calling you “bad” and “****” if you don’t do it.

In conclusion, I will not buy another Call of Duty game, I will not watch another trailer for Call of Duty and no I don’t want to see your beyond ******ed montages. Okay I think I have written just about enough as to why Call of Duty is terrible and it should be made illegal to sell or own.


Call of Duty is not bad, the community that plays it is. All of the supreme camping and noob tubers with Danger Close and OMA people ruin it.

The game is terrible. I didn’t want to right about graphics and other crap because I would have been there all day.

No, thats just how people play.
If you’re a good player you can easily counter it. Seriously. I hate people that ***** about people using in game items to their advantage, get over it.

On a side note, I don’t think COD is bad, I just hate how they seem to milk the loyal fans they have for every little dollar they can. Its quite sad to be honest.

EA’s Rock Band beat Activision’s Guitar Hero, its only a matter of time before the same occurs with COD. It may take 6 or 7 games, but it will happen.

The COD series is the same game, different name. I thought at Black Ops would be different. Nope.

I don’t think that CoD 4 deserves as much hate as the others, because CoD 4 was revolutionizing shooters. After that, it was just repetitive ****.

At least they make decent map packs to keep us entertained. Treyarch did fine with Black Ops to be honest.

Another thing I hate it for is because other more deserving games don’t get the spotlight they deserve because kids prefer this one. I hate that.

Ah nope. OMA noob tubes with Danger Close is very over powered and I counter it by leaving the game. It is annoying because I am quick scoping 95% of the time and before I can see the enemy I am already dead by the grenade.

Noob Tubes are annoying either way since they take no skill to use.

Well the game is not intended for quick-scoping. It just happened that the community cound out that the snipers are great for it. That is why you are dying. :stuck_out_tongue:

So? Pull out an assault rifle and counter it. Sorry, MW2 doesn’t revolve around the quick scoping community.

I hate quick scopers more than noob tubes, I get ridiculed when I use a UMP in Search because kids are going for trick shots.

Lol, you used ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘skill’ in the same sentence.

I am dying by it because it is very over powered and I don’t even need to be close to the explosion to die. This is with any weapon, it doesn’t matter if I’m quick scoping or not. How does using an assault rifle counter it? I still need to see the enemy to kill him.

You make a point there about using items in the game but it comes to a point where it is just so OP that it makes it hard to play against it. If anyone on this forum aside from me plays WoW and PvP’s in it they’ll know what I’m talking about.

Sure it does, why don’t I get killed by these OMA tubers?
OH, because I utilize in game items to counter them, like Blast Shield.

Why is cold blooded in the game? Because theres a UAV.
Why is there ninja in the game? Because there’s heartbeat sensors.
Why is there blast shields? Because theres danger close.

Sure it makes it hard, but overall it can be countered.

I’m 100% in agreement with you except for the campaign part… it’s normal it has a fictional story it’s a game in the near “future”.

For everyone complaining about noobtubes… you guys just need to do GameBattles.

cody, wana play some BFBC2?

ontopic - good points there.

Blast Shield does not work well enough against unlimited noob tubes with Danger Close but it works against claymores, c4’s, and frags. Noob tubes with Danger Close cancel out Blast Shield. :confused:

They need to make simple maps like Bog, Hanger 18, Terminal ect… I hate how they try to make the make complicated like Berlin Wall or WMD it has too many windows.

It does require skill, Its a game like every other game. Call of Duty is game you can just pick and play easily without a problem, but sure as hell you won’t go 40-2 every game or even when you wan’t. Many commentators on youtube have games where they go 40+ to less than 7 deaths. Thats Skill. Just because you think it doesn’t require skill doesn’t mean it doesn’t.