Why do i need a pro account now to all my games!

Every single game i try to run do i need a, Pro account didnt (WeMod) Made this program so people didnt need to buy, Now it’s like the are greedy as everyone else -_-

you dont ! Dont worry its still free for ya! All trainers are free still !
Maybe you should ask , instead of accuse !
Gotta problem on your end

Are you sure. I tryed to play (grim down) last night and none of the codes works. And it keep say i need a pro account

Well you see the creators of the tools need paying too. It’s only cheap and if you want to cheat on a game its the best tool for it.

Plus Pro comes with the wemod remote which is fkn amazing!

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Ya im positive ! Do not need a pro account to use any trainer on wemod
Maybe your antivirus , maybe wrong game version ,…

You need to use the hotkeys now. can’t click in the app anymore.
they’re free

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