Why do you love WeMod and Infinity?! - Giveaway for Pro and WeMod T-Shirts!

We’re looking for some reviews of our desktop application Infinity! (We need some testimonials to put on our new homepage!)

Some ideas for your testimonial (This isn’t a questionnaire, please leave a very short paragraph):

What do you like about the Infinity app? Why do you use it?

We will be randomly selecting 10 members and be giving them either a free WeMod T-Shirt or Pro membership! This giveaway will end on July 25, 10AM EST!

Thank you and good luck!

Note: Please make the reviews decent length so that they can be used publicly on our website. Any super short or spammy posts will be deleted.


I like how the cheat system is so providing.
I use to play with small cheats like raising the money amount in-game.
Mostly first-person shooters.
I look forward to seeing how far the community grows.
My friend @UnlishedTen8 was the one to tell me about infinity


Because I tusted WeMods Horizon and so i trust Infinity
Infinity is by far the most easy to use and good looking Tool.
It has a great community, a lot of up to date mods and a feature to turn mods off and on via an App.

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I like how there are many games to cheat on :smiley: some might get you banned but i dont have those games(other than ark)! I use it mainly for games like Terraria and Stranded Deep because those are the only games i have right now.

Good luck everyone :smiley:

What do you like about the Infinity app?

We play cheat with a lot of games and we don’t need to waste time to search a trainer for the game

Why do you use it?

When i’m have a lot of difficulty to win a level or just for fun

What type of games do you use it with?


What are you looking forward to?

Some trainers like The Crew 2 and the Deep Rock Galactic Trainer repair

How did you hear about us?

When i’m looking for a Deep Rock Gatactic Trainer

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i Really like the fact is just a app that we all can have, but a special “Mod” that Changes the game we know, i mean…Over 300 Games! the old time when i always get Rekt at fps games, Not anymore, with infinity, is my turn to Rekt those NPCs that Doesn’t respect Me, and i can level up faster, see those unlocked items easier, and i can Beat my friends with it >;3. (but i have to say there’s few glitches and bugs in those Trainers but fair enough, i mean it’s a cheat, what’d you expect?)


I love Wemod becuase i can say F#@! You Cheathappens.

I Started using Infinity this year and i love to use the trainer for Halo Wars 2 made by STN and State of Decay 2.
And version guard helped me alot.
One thing is for Sure. I will never stop using Infinity. Thank you for the great app.

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I need to say …
I´m a huge fan of infinity app already , used it couple of times and everytime its a perfect way to get the game easier going.

There are Tons of Cheats for games and i´ve never seen anything like this is one app
i never tried the WeMod Pro but i will if i have the money because the function to change the setting etc. via phone is amazing
Many games aren´t good to tab in and out bc they may crash or anything thanks to pro its no problem if it really works like i hope i does and im sure it does!

i love the Hud of Infinity aswell even if i´m not a big fan of the color blue…
would be awesome if u add some colors to it but atm as it is … the whole programm is amazing keep up the works pls:D

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I like The infinity app because its easy to use I started using it because when I used horizon as well the infinity app is an app I would recommend to my friends.

I love how this Infinity app works.
Love how Infinity app add a lot of games of choices that you can choose from.
Tbh I can’t wait to see how far they will go.
And how many more games they will add.
Please keep up the great work you guys are doing.
Oh yeah I forgot, it’s way easy than using other mod menus
Because they’re hard to use.
Like I said I can’t wait for them to add more games.
Much love to the Infinity Community.

i really like infinity cause they support so many games and i dont have to go to some sketchy site and risk a virus or malware plus they constantly work hard to provide trainers and a great program. i like to use it cause its so organized and great even came with a app on the phone that i can use without having to alt-tab and risk crashing some older games.

I do prefer how this trainer works compared to downloadable trainers like those from MrAntiFun or CheatHappens, but it’s not all perfect. You do need to fiddle with it sometimes, as it tends to not detect your games. It also uses quite a bit of RAM on my shitty laptop (300-350MB out of 6GB), so using it along with some RAM intensive games doesn’t happen. In that matter, it’s not so good,

Generally though, it does work supremely well. I really do like the versioning system, allowing you to use the cheats while playing on previous versions of the game in question. Some problems are the lack of older games on the tool. If there was a section on the program that allowed one to use user-made trainers, it’d be perfect (in my opinion).

For the games where I don’t use console commands, this tool is very helpful. From a beginner’s perspective, this tool is a massive help.

Overall, I’d give the tool/app/program a solid 8/10, mostly for the ease of use.

There is no other tool like this in the entire internet,
you use to download trainers 1 by 1 ?
just STOP, don’t , this one is all you need to download,
this works like a charm, i bet sometimes you donwload trainers and dont work, well there is no issue in this one because they have all versions for the trainers, you are not goin to regret it, you are goin to be in love with this one.


Very easy to use, great looking gui even has different themes to chose from, and updated all the time :smiley:

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what I like about wemod

  1. Easy to use

  2. Has a lot of game to mod

  3. get updated to add new games

4 . Had no bugs with we mod

  1. Friendly and helpful staff

  2. virus free

Wemod is an amazing trainer with a simple yet interesting and alluring UI so anyone can jump in and learn how to use. it and gives players a new way to breath life into many of the games that are available.

I love the interface of Infinity, it is nice. I use Infinity for several games, facilitate some passages or even just have fun. Just keep going !

I really like WeMod Infinity, it has let me enjoy some games in way I didn’t think was possible, it also is quite smart way of making a cheating app for games and it feels so safe. It doesn’t feel like I will be scammed or hacked by this app, it helps me relax quite a bit. Why I use Infinity is because when I use it in games I’ve already completed and become super strong like Skyrim, it takes me to a whole new level and I honestly love it. It feels like you character has finally gotten the power boost he deserved after all those games or slain enemies

What do you like about the Infinity app?
Usability and trust.

Why do you use it?
Bc It’s very nice to have an app that manages trainers, not having to download a lot of untrustful ■■■■ around.:+1:t2:

What type of games do you use it with?

All kind of them… Not really one genre or something.

What are you looking forward to?

No man sky mp cheats? XD jk (MAC SUPPORT! :rofl: I’m gonna get killed here.)

How did you hear about us?

A good friend of mine told me about you guys. :black_heart: