Why does WEMOD pull a working mod while updating it, preventing any use in the meantime?

As per the title - only using WEMOD for Steam BG3 - mod was working with BG3 Patch #4 (well, as well as it had previously, which is to say you could edit the whole party stats as one, but not individuals). Now if the patch simply didn’t work until a new version was released, fine, pull it while updating - but this one did work, and now i might as well not have it at all - I’ve reached a character respec, and WEMOD is required to get that character back to pre-respec state.

I’m not too sure what the issue is here. What do you mean by “pull a working mod while updating it”? As far as I’m aware, WeMod doesn’t touch older versions of trainers once they’ve been released. They update the trainer and release it as a new version under the History tab on the trainer itself, like below.

Wasn’t aware of that - but still odd that it renders it inoperable until you go and select what still appears to be the most current version. Is now working by selecting that version and running it thanks.