Why dosen't this work anymore?

Ever since the new version came out everything stopped working. It crashes my games,it crashes everything please tell me whats going on.

Which game is it?

This war of mine

Civ 6

Hearts of iron 4

The keys work but do not actually use the mod in game i hear the sound that it makes when you enable it but it does not work. I have tried running it as administrator as well i have tried disabling my firewall and windows defender. IDK why im having this problem the old version worked fine but ever since the new version came out i have had nothing but trouble.

I don’t know about the other two games but This war of mine should work fine unless the game had an update. There are special usage instructions though

Fast action will turn itself off after you use it. Keep spamming the key to instantly complete whatever action you are doing or increase the speed. Affects shoveling, opening chests, doors etc.

Bring up the backpack menu when the day ends and you have to plan the night. Then simply change your backpack size and switch between Prepare and Back screens to see your new backpack size.

Happy characters will instantly make your characters happy but to see the effect, spend a day.

If TWOM isn’t working for you, let me know which cheats aren’t?

PS: Yes the launch was hectic but those issues are gone now.