Why isn't gamercard viewer working?

I’ve recently downloaded Horizon along with Le Fluffie. Things are going really well so far and I’ve used Horizon to get free gamerpics, modded 45k gamerscore to my second account, and all is well. Except I would like to view someones profile so I can get their gamerpic but when I search their gamertag, it says there’s an unhandled exception in the program or something like that. I’ve tried numerous different names yet none of them work except the default ‘Cheater912’ name that shows up. I haven’t tried fixing it yet or experimenting but I figured it would be easier to post here to get an instant method to fix it, if there is one.

I’m assuming Microsoft is no longer using the same API since multiple people can now have the same gamertag.

Ah, well that would make sense. I really hope they update it and get it in working order, since there’s a gamerpic I have cherished for a while now but I can’t seem to find it otherwise. I’ve tried different methods to get the title ID but they don’t work and this would’ve been the only working method, but I guess not.