Will there be cheats for State of Decay 2? [Fixed]

I’ve been trying to vote state of decay 2 but its only on Microsoft store is that why it isn’t searchable? is it because isint released yet just curious because im gonna get state of decay 2 on Microsoft store because it’s not being released on steam.

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It isn’t searchable because it isn’t on steam. If a cheats creator doesn’t do it without the votes I will add. At that point if it gets funded someone will see if it can be done.

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Can you add it please? Want to see how much interest is for this game.

Uhh looks like manually adding a game breaks it. Will have to wait for Frank to update it.

Quick edit Frank fixed it. https://www.wemod.com/cheats/state-of-decay-2-windows-store

shiet, they wanna force feed us that shitty store, damn windows :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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im mad at it but have you ever used it? just wondering because im sort of wondering what the difference would be because you could possibly add it as a shortcut to steam just wondering what the difference is well actually it is a good point if you get a new computer you’ll have to have your old Microsoft account and cant just log in to steam to get to the game.


yes i have used it, and i wont coming back to that for a long time, in my opinion the UI and store itself is more for mobile phones or tablets, i have too much problems using it (althou last time i tried to use it was 5 months ago) -> connection, glitches, and lack of freedom (but thats also the case for other platforms so is not a big deal), to wrapt it up, i just dislike it.

Could be worse, they could have made it a xbox one exclusive. They don’t seem all that interested in the pc version after all.

I think it is going to make a great farming simulator.

I hope they dont do that for Borderlands 3 i love the borderlands games hell im already worried because they could put micro-transactions make it Microsoft exclusive like that .

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Here ya go

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