Willowtree# - Borderlands

All credits go to the creator ofcourse - XandraChaos.


Latest version: Beta10r13

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WillowTree is a save editor for Borderlands which manipulates nearly every aspect of the stored data for any platform. This includes, but isn’t limited to, weapons/items, quests, level, experience, echo logs, location, and backpack/bank space. WillowTree# is written in C# and uses the .NET 3.5 framework.

  • A PC, Xbox 360, and/or PS3 with a copy of Borderlands.
  • The .NET 3.5 framework. (Not 2.0!)
  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does WillowTree work on ~platform~?
A: WillowTree# works for saves from the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 versions of Borderlands.

Q: When I load my save I get an error. Help?
A: The most common reason for saves not loading is that you aren’t far enough into the game. I’d suggest getting at least 3-4 quests done after you start the game before modding that particular save. Otherwise, I can’t help. You can upload your save to a site such as mediafire or sendspace and sending it to me via PM or posting a link to it in this topic.

Q: I edited a weapon/item and it isn’t showing up in-game. Why?
A: As of the 1.30 patch, Borderlands no longer accepts “invalid” weapons and items. They simply will not show up when you start your game. If you’re sure the gun is valid, make sure you entered/copied it correctly. If you’re on a version of Borderlands prior to 1.30, then you probably didn’t hit “Save Changes” after editing your gun.

Q: Wait, how do I even open my save?
A: Click on the WillowTree icon in the top left corner. It glows when you scroll over it. Then click “Open”.

Q: Why does Borderlands crash when I edit it with WillowTree?
A: WillowTree# is often…buggy, particularly when dealing with DLC data. If you are on an old version of Borderlands, update. If you have weapons in your Moxxi bank, take them out.
If you have no items in your bank, put some in. You could also try using an older version of WillowTree#. Just make sure to backup your saves! WillowTree does it automatically when you hit “Save”, but you should always keep your own backups!

Q: How do I open a ‘zip’? How do I download ‘.NET 3.5’?
A: While you obviously aren’t capable of doing any real modding, try Google. You know, that place?

Q: I downloaded WillowTree 1.2.2 and it keeps messing up my save. Why?
A: You’re on an ancient version of WillowTree. Get WillowTree#, as it has DLC support.

Q: Where can I find premade weapons and items?
A: The Borderlands Modding Resource and the ZeroSubstance Borderlands Weapon & Item Database are excellent places to find what you want.

Q: i hate Willowtree it sucks because people join my game and crash it or blow up everything f u man
A: That’s nice, but I didn’t make WillowTree# for that purpose. WillowTree# is only meant to help people understand how Borderlands operates and to enhance their gameplay after they’ve finished the game. If someone uses it to ruin the game for others, it isn’t my fault. I don’t control how people use my tool.

Q: yea well you shouldnt have made it in the first place
A: Yeah? No. If I didn’t, someone else would have. Oh wait, someone did! If not WillowTree, then Gibbed’s editor. If not Gibbed’s editor, then someone else. People are inherently jerks. Even if there would still be people ruining your experience. You know, like those people that ********* all the loot? The kids that never shut their mouths? The trolls? The level 61’s that join your level 1 game and obliterate everything? The only difference is how they go about being assholes.

Q: I would like to contribute to WillowTree#'s development. How might I go about this?
A: You can grab the latest sources for WillowTree# here. The current objectives for the project itself can be found here.

Tutorials & Resources

Download & More Information
More information and the latest version of WillowTree# can be found at the WillowTree# project page on SourceForge.

Very good tool. Although the last time I used it it was a bit hard to navigate, I’ll download this later. XanderChaos is cool guy too.

I’d like to see something like this in horizon.

Yeah it confused me a bit then i got the hang of it lol, i wasn’t sure whether there was a borderlands modding tool in horizon as i only used the beta once or twice. Glad there wasn’t otherwise this post woulda been kinda stupid. But yeah, if something similar to this was integrated into Horizon that’d be sweet.

yea i asked the horizon team before they released horizon, but I hope that they will install it because I love playing this game modded online and killing enemies in 1 shot.

i love willow tree/borderlands

i have so many rose omegas from this program

WillowTree is like god mods, I’m not kidding :wink:

borderlands looks so awesome i still never got to play it :@

i love this program it works so good

I love this program

This is my favorite boarderlands modding program. Tons of custom weapons, sheilds, gernades and every thing else. :smiley:

Willowtree is amazing and Xandra is really helpful. He outdid himself with this program. I’m not so much into the ridiculous 1 shot kills or 10 billion cap shields, but I love it when I find an awesome weapon but wish it had a better scope or a bigger clip and 2 minutes later it does. The only reason WT is a bit complicated is because it lets you mod so many aspects of the game. Weapons, items, skills, quests, ammo pools, proficiencies, and more. Once you understand it’ it’s actually really easy. Most parts are right there in the parts list and adding a scope to a gun is as simple as clicking on the scope string and then double clicking the scope in the parts list you want to replace it with. I also really like being able to delete quests. It means my buddies and I can do the circle of duty as many times as we like. It’s the best mod tool I have seen for any game. Big up to Xandra Chaos!
Also, Borderlands has snuck itself into my top 5 all time favorite games.

my bad. I don’t know why I always thought it was Xander, but your right, it’s Xandra. Either way he’s a super cool and helpful guy

Hippie’s just being a troll. It’s XanderChaos. I’m a guy. The name at TTG is just a joke and Hippie hasn’t gotten around to changing my name back yet.

great, i luvz it

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