[WIP] Too Human Save Editor

Hey guy, I am working on a Save Editor for this game (well overdue for this). I am almost finished it, I just need to code in a few more things.

Splash Screen:

Open Me

Character Stats:

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Game Stats:

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Skill Tree:

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Alignment Tree:

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If anyone wants to research more info for the game, just let me know and I’ll code it into the Editor (and give you credit).


I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON THIS!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Talk to me on AIM for help with the checksum. This looks too good to be unfinished because of a checksum.

Im surprised you posted it without having the checksum figured out.

I don’t have AIM, but I’ll get it tomorrow and be on at 2:00pm EST. If you could help out that would be AWESOME! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I added the [WIP] in the topic title, meaning that the program is still a work in progress…

Good job on the editor but personally think this game is complete trash but good work

wow… looks really awesome… hope you find the help, to clear the checksum-problem

Updated the Editor, it will now be able to mod Tokens.

Nice bump you got there, also nice job o.O if only I played that game.

The progress is looking really good. I know people will be happy when the final is complete.

I just found the values for what Alignment your character is and what Class your character is :stuck_out_tongue: So you’ll be able to mod your character to become a different class and/or alignment. Useful if you want to see how good the other classes are, without having to start over again :smiley:

I think there are 2 unknown classes in the game… maybe CUT classes? the values for them would be:

00 = Berserker
01 = Champion
02 = Defender

05 = Commando
06 = Bio Engineer

I have compared multiple saves together and the values match up always with what class they are, so I must have the right offset that I’m looking at…

Great Odin’s Raven (see what I did there)! I look forward to the finished product as I have this game but shelved it because I couldn’t be arsed with it, but now…

Is this working or waste of time?

The editor is 98% done, the only thing I’m waiting on is getting the checksum fixed :anguished:

wow that is a really nice tool bro

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated the look of the Editor!

is there anyway to get around the checksum without it being incorperated into your tool like sya i wanna get this tool and use it…can i get a chesum fix from someone else use that program and then mod with yours or has the checksum not been fixed by anyone yet

actully i cant even run it it keeps sayin it stops working wen i strt it

Ya I don’t know why that is… It opens on my computer and my brothers comp, but it doesn’t open on my friends comps…

hmmm thats strange wt windows you running?