World Of Warcraft cheats?

Is it possible to hack the money in World Of Warcraft?

Nothing to do with the post, but alright. :thinking:
To answer the question, no. WeMod doesn’t do trainers for MMOs.

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I don’t think you will find anything like this. Most of the data is stored on the Blizzard server. Mainly only the visual stuff is stored locally.

Trainer cheats for server-sided games (MMOs, co-op, multiplayer, etc) are not possible for technical reasons. Cheating online requires hacks, not trainers, which are not the same thing. WeMod makes trainers.

There are also moral issues (ruining other people’s experience of the game is a really crappy thing to do). And legal issues (anyone who successfully makes hacks for online games will be sued into bankruptcy to make them disappear).

Anyone claiming to have cheats for MMOs is scamming you for money or your account.