"Wrong DLL present", Rise of the Tomb Raider

i’ma start a new topic because the one i found is from 2017 and i didn’t find help in it.

when i try to start ROTTR (WeMod App says it’s compatible), “infinity” crashes with the error “Wrong DLLs present”.
it crashes the game, which runs perfectly when i’m starting it with steam.
starting the game first and clicking “play” in the WeMod app after causes the same error and freezes the game.

AMD FM8320-8Core, 3,5GhZ each,
16GB Ram,
NVidia Geforce GTX1050
Windows 7 professional, 64bit

Welcome to the community! Sorry for the 3 week hiatus with no response, this one must’ve been kicked under a rug or something :laughing:.

Anyway, you want to delete the trainer folder from the roaming directory of WeMod located here: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\WeMod\App\trainers.

This folder contains all the .dll files that are required for trainers to work correctly with games. Deleting this folder then re opening WeMod will rebuild this .dll list from scratch making it likely to fix your issue.

*Be sure to kill WeMod in task manager prior to deleting the folder.

Done that, no avail. Still the same problem.

RoTR v1.0 build 820.0_64, Steam Version

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

First of all, I’m the future instead of reviving older threads that are a year old, could you start your own thread, please? It’s generally frowned upon to necromance dead threads everywhere on the internet. :slight_smile:

Getting into your issue.
There were reported problems of this game’s files being interfered with by antivirus programs.
Aside from that, WeMod could also have been interfered with by your antivirus.

Step 1: Please add WeMod as an exception in your antivirus program. Even if you just use the default Windows Defender. And even if WeMod has been working fine on other games previously.

Step 2: Follow these instructions given by one of the game’s developers on Steam for the exact same issue someone who doesn’t use WeMod had with the game:

And then before you launch the game, also add the game’s folder to your antivirus exceptions.

Then try again. :slight_smile:

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I saw the date of the last entry and I was in doubt: reviving it or starting a new one? Next time, I’ll do that. Sorry.

Always do it.
Tried step 2, but nothing. Same message.

I think that I’ll have to play RoTR like the old days when there were no trainers. he he

But thanks, anyway.

As usual, you guys from WeMod always helpful.

Just a shot try it with DX11 and see if it works. I know the trainer works cuz I play tomb raider all the time

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Unless I’m missing something, I’m already using DX11…