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I have downloaded sleeping Dogs to my computer but It has downloaded in 9 parts, I recently downloaded London 2012 Olympic Games, but when I downloaded it, it only gave me an .iso and a .dvd file so It was easy to extract in WX360. What do I do if it has parts 1-9 do I just open all 9 .rar files in WX360? Your guys help would be greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

Right click the .rar and click extract. Then you’ll get an iso

You have to extract here with winwar then it will turn the parts into a ISO

I chose to extract all of the parts at once I highlighted them all and have started extracting in winrar and then I will extract the .iso in WX360 and then I place the .iso on the JTAG and run it off the .xex, do I have the right idea?

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Extract it to a folder and it’ll build one iso that you can put in wx360

Just have to click part one then extract here and it will make a iso then you can use WX360 or exiso-GUI to make it the jtag files. I use exiso-GUI because I think it is a lot faster also supports FTP if you know how to set it up

But since there are 9 parts can I just highlight them all and click extract here, or do I have to extract one part at a time? When I view each .rar file in winrar almost every .rar file has a .iso in it.

Highlight all the .rar, and right click ‘Extract all’ then itll come up with a little box, just make a new folder and save it there :smile:

Just click the first and it’ll automatically find the other parts for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I messed it up because now it has given me a .dvd file and a .rar file with the game files in it but not an .iso and when I try to open the .rar file in WX360 It says “NOT AN XBOX ISO” (I got the .iso from a guy I always get my games from)

Maybe the other rar file has the iso in it try to extract that one because it the first extract went though with no errors then that’s all that was in that one was he dvd and other rar

Okay I will try to extract the new .rar file and I will update you with results. I have never used the .dvd file before do I only use that If I was to burn the game to a disk, because I just transfer it over to my JTAG’s HDD.

yes the dvd file is only for burning the games to a dvd in imgburn the dvd file is what you pick instead of the iso

When I extract the new .rar file I just gives me the game files and no .iso?

game files?? the jtag files??

Would you possibly be able to teamviewer with me I don’t know what is wrong it has given me the files for the game such as the default.xex in the new .rar folder but no .iso?

They might be the files you get from copy and paste when you open the iso in wx360

Just a side note: Since Sleeping Dogs is a new game, it is XGD3. Wx360 will not let you open XGD3 games, only XGD2 games (older games). You need to open it in Xbox Backup Creator’s Image Browser or ExISO-GUI.

Thank you everyone I completely forgot to update this thread me and XxTheShotgunxX went on teamviewer and got it working the problem was as stated above sleeping dogs was a XGD3 game and could not be opened in WX360 so I decided to recycle WX360 and get ExISO-GUI ever since I download ExISO-GUI I have had no problems with extracting a .iso file and I eventually got Sleeping Dogs working!