Xbox 360 120GB HDD 'Unformatted'

Dear everyone :smiley:

I have a big problem, I wanted to play an original xbox game on my 360. As my HDD is not an official one made by Microsoft, it has problems playing compatible games.
I read up that Partition 2 deals with compatibility for original xbox games and found out that some unofficial HDDs do not have this partition on.

I decided to download Partition 2 and restore it to my HDD via Xplorer360 extreme2. At the end of restoring partition 2, the “Windows has stopped responding” error appeared, waited for a few seconds and then it came up with “Windows cannot solve the issue, please restart the program” or something along the lines of that.
I tried it again and again, giving me the same error.

So i wondered if partition 2 did copy to the HDD on the first time I opened the program. Tested it and the xbox says “Unformatted” in storage settings.

I have tried opening my HDD on different programs (Xport360, party buffalo and xplorer360) and only Xport360 reads my HDD…but I cannot back up partition 3…

I apologize, my grammar is not great.

anyone has any idea how to fix this problem?

Sounds bad, I’m not going to lie. I would try FatXplorer, it’s a paid program, but you can get a 7 day trial. Go Here

I had a buddy a few years back that had a similar issue, and his official M$ HDD showed as unformatted on every 360 we tried it on. We never got it working again for Xbox 360 use(FatX format), and it ended up as an external HDD for it’s second life.

Good luck man.

I forgot to mention that I did try using FATXplorer.
It won’t even read my HDD :anguished:

THis sounds like it’ll end badly with my data…
I don’t know what else to try

I would message the creator of FatXplorer about it, he is a member here at HMB, and really good with this stuff. Find his page here Eaton

I want to follow up with this-

I attempted to assist him with recovering his data, but this was a very unusual scenario where the vital partition data was somehow overwritten with garbage data, so it wasn’t possible to recover anything. Normally, it is possible to make a full recovery from HDD unformatted errors, but everyone’s case is unique.

If anyone else stumbles upon this thread in the future and are looking to recover from the HDD unformatted problem, feel free to message me and I’d be happy to assist.:slight_smile:

Eaton knows the correct information about this. Everyone’s case is unique. I give lots of credit to Eaton. Formatted the HDD on the xbox 360 and now currently re-downloading the DLC/Xbox live arcade games and full games right now.:slight_smile: