Xbox 360 Achievement Unlocker

Hoping someone can shed some light on this as I am seeing mixed answers online.

Looking at Modding some achievements with the Horizon tool and I have some Queries.

  • I understand that this is not 100% Safe and you do so at your own risk of a ban/reset but what is the general likelihood now of getting banned/reset, does it still carry the same risk as it would have 4/5 years ago

  • I Have read that Horizon adds milliseconds onto timestamped achievements to help mask the fact that they’re modded, i this something that can still be found by either Xbox or TrueAchievements?
    Are you able to change the exact timing to what you want?

  • From what I have read online, it seem to be a mixture of Rapid Achievements unlocking + Large Gamerscores that lead accounts to getting found + banned/reset. What would be a safe amount of Gamerscore/Achievements to unlock at 1 time?

  • Would it be safer to do 1 or 2 Achievements at a time but with different timestamps, which would put some time between the unlocks due to moving the account back and forth via usb to use the Achievement Unlocker?

Thanks in advance for any input you can share on this

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