Xbox 360 Call Of Duty Ghosts Extinction

Hi,name’s Mike and I’m new here on Horizon.Reason I’m here is because I allowed a friend to hold my usb and copy of ghost for awhile and ended up getting all my Extinction data corrupted for CoD:Ghosts and I was wondering if there was any way to mod teeth for Call of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode using Horizon…or at least mod health and ammo…any info on the matter would be much appreciated and thank you for your time to anyone who can help me out in this matter.

Sorry yo not possible unless you were running a jtag or rgh online and even then I think theres a possible ban risk as well.

Well that sucks…was really only lookin for offline extinction mods since my live expired,oh well,can’t win for losin as they say…Thanks and I would appreciate it greatly if you hear/find out anything otherwise and take the time to let me know cause yea…done seen plenty youtube videos where people are moddin teeth on/offline…just can’t find/figure out the right program/s to do it lol