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Xbox 360 controller wired schematcs


I have a xbox360 wired controller since 2013. It was an amazing device but after these years the analogic’s thumbstick showed up some problems.
I bought two analogic sticks to repair but I damaged the both circuits’ traces the both sides, thought.
And when I tried to follow the traces under the USB jtag, i damaged also these parts.
Can anyone help send me a schematic or even the photos to restore these points?
I guess the logicboard’s model is in the photo.
Thank you so much!

Hi @BrunoAwful and welcome to the community!

To fix this, you will need a soldering iron, a steady hand and some patience. If you’re comfortable going that route then by all means do it, but if you’re weary about causing more damage, then I’d recommend just buying another controller. It’ll probably cost less to replace the controller compared to the time and aggravation associated with fixing this one.

You mentioned the controller has a JTAG? I haven’t heard of a JTAGed controller before but I’m assuming that it’s modded to some degree.

If you decide to solder the broken pieces back on, I would definitely recommend doing your homework before buying anything.

If anyone else has anything else to offer, by all means. This is what I would do if this was my own controller.

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

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Thanks for helping here, @User_N4m3. :smiley:

Not sure about Xbox controllers, since as you know I lean more towards the Playstation side, but I’m aware of there being PS3 controllers which have been modified to give the player an unfair advantage, usually in multiplayer games. For example, there are modified PS3 controllers which will give the player rapid fire when shooting guns or makes the player go prone quicker (ie when being shot at by another player). You’ll probably most commonly see them being used in Call of Duty and Battlefield games.
It’s also sometimes very noticeable when someone is using a modded controller - for example, they go prone far too quickly when you’re trying to shoot them, so you miss and get killed yourself - that’s the one I’ve most often come across myself and it’s annoying as hell. Some games do ban people under suspicion of using modded controllers, but I imagine it’s probably very hard for game moderators to prove in most cases.

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