Xbox 360 - Custom Skins Are Coming!

Custom Skins on MCX360?

While the XBLA version of Minecraft is, in many respects, very similar to Beta 1.6.5, a number of features were brought forth a little ahead of schedule, just to make the game that much better. Of course, more updates are on the way as they bring it up to speed with the PC version, and likely some gems designed specifically for the console. One thing that has come up a lot since launch is custom skins, and players will be pleased to know that they are not far off! Currently it is believed that the skins will be DLC for the game, although the specifics are not currently known at this time. Bear in mind, this can change between now and the release of skin customization, so keep an eye out here as we gather more information!


i wouldnt mind paying for this, as long as it isnt a ridiculous price, but i have been looking forward to this

Good news, I want my Rasta Creeper back!

Why can’t we just link our Minecraft account to our Gamertag?

Thats a really good idea…

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I personally think they should give us a skin creator like the logo editor in the WWE games. it can be seen here if you’re not familiar with it.

Both of these are really good ideas! I think the linking accounts comment is better though.

I personally think they should official modding support. But that would never happen as Minecraft is published by Microsoft and it’s against the TOS.

They could have a built-in mod loader for reading player made CON files off their device.

If this happens they should allow us to upload a texture pack which can be used in-game too.

This sounds pretty cool, can’t wait to see what they come up with.

It has not happened yet, sadly.

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