Xbox 360 Dashboard Update 5/19/2011

Well yes, it has been confirmed that the new dashboard update will be released on May 19th. Meaning also jtags will be offline possibly. (So much stuff being patched.) I talked to one of the members with their jtags online and they said “yeah but ill host all night
and untill it does
we wait”

What this dashboard update will do
Reflashes the DVD drives : PLDS DG-16D4S, PBDS VAD6038 and PLDS DG-16D2S, to a new stock firmware : 0272, 04421C, 02510C.

Allow’s you to pay for points etc with paypal

Table and anti-piracy 2.5 scheme updated.

Support for new XGD3 disk format for games, adds 1GB of usable disk space and extra anti-piracy features to new games.

Adds multi-language voice commands for Kinect. (French and Spanish confirmed)

Avatar Kinect. Allowing players to scan their face in real-time to match with their avatar.

Minor bugfix.

Corrupts all modded profiles

So yes the long awaited/dreaded dashboard update will be released sometime On May 19th

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Credit to I_r_fanboy


on 5/9/2011?

In The netherland is it pretty late now and tommorow is it here 6/9/2011 xD

Don’t really care about the Kinect stuff, but I kinda like this stuff against piracy. :smiley:

jesus the netherlands are weird. how is it september there already?

The dates are backwards, genius. Everywhere, except America, The date is written Day/Month/Year.

European date >.>

I wonder what will happen to Cheater912’s Jtag… (probably nothing)

which is the logical way for the date to be written

ur the stupid one. -_-

if it’s Day/Month/Year like you said, then he’s right it would be September.

Read what he said.
And think how stupid you sound
when you realize he said everywhere except America is wrote like that way

heres your date -.-

Would’ve made it easier if you clicked the link

is it released on the webpage

9/6/11 = Ninth of May, 2011. 5/6/11 = Sixth of September, 2011.

The first date is The Rest of the World. The second date is America. >.<


Thankyou for informing me off this you might want to add it corrupts all modded profiles.

Just received my update
It does require a few restarts

Shame, there was a couple of arcade games i still needed to play by using the second profile method :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, this update will not kill piracy, c4eva already figured out how to rip xgd3 disks now we just need a new way to burn them. :wink:


5/6/11 in US is the 6th of may lool

Anyone got proof that they have it?
I haven’t received it as of yet.