Xbox 360 game adding

do you guys know any way to find GPD files for xbox games that allow you to added them to your account and unlock achievements with out owning the game over played the game

Horizon has a game adder feature that does exactly what you’re looking to do. It is a premium feature that requires you to have a Diamond subscription, though. I’m sure there are other ways but I’ve only used Horizon to do so.

i have to wait till the 20th next month till i can buy it
i just whanted to know if there is different ways as i am using Le Fluffie and Velocity atm

Well here’s 1500 or so GPD files that you can add by opening your profile in Horizon, click on the “contents” tab, and then you can right click and choose to “insert new file”. After adding them be sure to use “Save, Reshah & Resign”. If you don’t see the files in there after “Save, Reshah & Resign”, just close your profile and then reopen it and the GPDs will be in there. I just experimented with it so It does work.


is that the 1501 folder
i have that trying to find more as every were i look only has that folder

Yes that is the 1501 folder. That might be all of them or very close to all of them. According to Wikipedia there are 2086 titles for 360. But some were never actually released and some are very obscure titles and it’s possible that some don’t create a GPD file in the gamer profile if they don’t have achievements etc… I’m not sure about that one bit it’s just a thought. I’ll see if I can find any more info.


thank you

@SteveWonda have u seen the Hidden GPDs what are they supposed to be. I added them anyway.

I’m not sure. I’m kind of out of the loop for most 360 stuff like GPDs. I still own a few RGHs but mainly just use them to play certain older games with trainers and stuff.

@SteveWonda the achievement description says " On Nov 22, 2005 we changed entertainment" or something like that. Seems mysterious like uncovering a murder story.

I believe that’s the day 360 came out. It’s possible that that GPD comes from playing/using the 360 on that first day of release.

I’m trying to find the GPD files for Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 1 and SAW 2