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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I’ve been inactive for about 3 years now. I flipped my Xbox 360 on today to play a little bit, and I was met with two flashing red rings (1st and 3rd). I immediately held the sync button and the eject button and got the (3331 lights flashing). Does anybody know how to fix this? I have my Xbox apart and it’s free of dust. Any help would be appreciated.


Welp if its the " red ring of death " can throw it in the ■■■■ can.
Or if its the other thing it mite be the power block
Also 2010 you can display your " old timer " tag !!
And unplug the power block for like couple seconds and then plug in n see
1 and 3 sometimes means its over heating
Make sure the heat sinks are tight too i had that problem with mine.


Thanks for your input but like I said, this is two rings not three. I know the two means that it is overheating so it could be the cpu or gpu. I’ve even taken apart the power block and cleaned it as well. I was thinking it could be a bad power block so i’m going to try and buy a new one. I only want to figure out whats wrong because I have my dvd drive flashed so i’m able to play burned games. If i can’t figure out what to do guess i’ll be getting another 360 and swapping out drives and the key :frowning: