Xbox 360 ISOS inject to HDD?

Okay, ello everyone :smile: now i’ve considering buying a JTAG. a falcon one :stuck_out_tongue: and i got really intrested in the ISO stuff that u could use for JTAGS. like getting Dead Rising 2 when i dont even have it and so on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and ive done some research on it :'P now the one thing i need to know is that i dont know how to put the iso on the HDD. ive seen a tutorial about it but… it said that i needed to have a router with an ethernet cable. and well, i dont have a router. i only have a normal internet cable plugged in to my xbox.
so is there any other way to put the iso on a HDD and play it off of it instead of using the ‘‘router way’’? u’ll get a thanks for helping me with this :smiley: thank you.

u mean like going into xexmenu and ripping the game to ur HDD?

no :stuck_out_tongue: like, lets say i go to and i download Red Dead Redemption. after the download is complete how do i put it on the Harddrive? without the ‘‘router’’ way as said in the thread :stuck_out_tongue: thank you :smile:

Just use a usb and all you have to do is rip the game files to it

That got me alot farther :smile: but how do i rip the game files from the usb? isnt games like Forza 3, AC Brotherhood and so on to big to get into a usb? thanks for a good reply though :smile:

i suggest extracting the games files from the .iso image using wx360, and then either transferring to your xbox HDD with an external HDD, or directly FTPing the files to your xbox HDD

or you can do the same but create a games on demand container with iso2god. it’s a lot more hassle to mod things this way though

another very useful reply! so how do i FTP and what does FTP stand for? sorry if im annoying i just really wanna get the best out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just follow this tutorial and you should be good: How to Extract or Inject Files Out of or Into an Xbox 360 ISO -

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It’s basically transferring files over a network. So, if you have all the files from the ISO on your computer, then you can use a program like FlashFXP or many other ones to transfer those files to your Xbox 360’s HDD. Now, since there is so many files in the ISO and they’re going to be at least 5 GB, I wouldn’t recommend FTPing the files because you’re not going to be able to transfer at a very fast rate. My opinion would be to follow the tutorial above and then put all the files on a flash drive(you’ll need probably an 8 GB flash drive if you want to transfer all the files at once) and transfer the files to your Xbox’s HDD. Or, if you have a transfer cable, it will make it a lot easier to transfer straight to the HDD.

Let me know if you need any help.

If you’re using an OEM Xbox HDD use ISO 2 GoD (I’m pretty sure they have that.)
If you’re using a USB HDD or USB drive use Wx360.