Xbox 360 newer than August 2014

I recently got a new Xbox 360 dated 24-12-2014
When i went to get it RGH I was told that all consoles newer than August 2014 cant be hacked.
So I wanted to ask if this is true and if so when will it be possible to hack them?

There is a modification called rjtag not to be confused with a regular JTAG and RGH are possible on any console outside of xenon motherboards

How do I find out which motherboard I have?

With that manufacture date it must be the newest Xbox 360 E model. Does it have the small power and eject buttons side by side and a round power port? If so it’s an E model and has the Corona motherboard revision named Winchester. Apparently that motherboard is patched from being RGHd.

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so no free games for me at the moment?:cry:

i have 2014 model xbox 360 e it can be hack

Hello! Gents,
I’ve xbox 360 E console, model 1538, MFR date 25-11-2014.
It can be hack or jailbreak according to cited above??

I can’t play pirated games on my xbox 360 e console. Like i want to play copied games through usb and all. if anyone knows how to jtag or whatever you call it then tell me asap. Manufacturing date of my console is 14-8-2014.

This is 3 years old. So…
Yiu need a jtag or rgh to play games downloaded from internet
Use google im sure they are peanuts to buy one now.