XBOX 360 RGH with external hdd

Hello, my name is Erik, and i just got a modded xbox. I found out via google how to put games on flash drive.
I would like to know how to put the games that i copy on my external HDD (FAT32) to appear on dashboard? Like the games that are already on the xBox with cover and so on. I can only start the games if i go to the files/usb/3123123(random number folder)/23532452345234.NOTHING (no extension) and the game will start. Anyone can help me?

Btw non of the games that i downloaded are in ISO, they are already extracted :worried:

I suggest you watch and follow this YouTube channel…

It’s very good for beginners and video/turioal #4 will answer your current question.

But i have RGH, doesnt matter?

If you have freestyle dash just set/scan game paths and they should appear on your games list.

No, it doesn’t matter. In the videos, the user is using an RGH also.