Xbox 360 save files from Xbox Series!

Is it possible to mod a 360 save using your xbox series profile save (i kinda messed up and over did one of my games a few years back and want to undo this)

I don’t see why using Cloud Saves if you own a xbox360 wouldn’t work.

You can alter cloud saves there’s just a little leg work in moving your saves around. I recently did this for Fable 3 to pump up my gold reserves.

For this you want to head into your settings > storage and access your cloud save. You can’t copy Cloud saves, but you can move them to your local device.

Move the save you want to your Xbox 360 or removable USB, then make the alterations on your PC.

Once you’re done, upload back into cloud save from the storage settings and the next time you play on your Series X console, the cloud save should be pulled down with your modifications.