Xbox 360 SLIM clear case?

does anyone know if they have clear cases for the slim if they do how much and from where?

Can you even get the case of the slim? o.o I’ve got it. And never knew if you could >.<

Yeah theres a tool to open it.

Here found a couple on ebay CLEAR Full Housing Shell Case XBOX 360 Console HDMI NEW - eBay (item 370416521206 end time Mar-02-11 11:29:18 PST)

Were do you get the tool from?

X8 XBOX 360 Slim Unlock Tool Set at Xoxide!

Well, they have to get the case on there somehow, otherwise you’d be stuck with just a motherboard.

Yush xD never thought about that :3

Do they even have any case mods for this console yet?

rlly ? the title clearly says xbox 360 SLIM please lrn2read anyways none yet trust me ive been looking

I opened mine up without a tool, was a ***** though. some of those pins are hard to get man.

if some one to have it would be like cant remeber name like llama xbox or somthing its somthing llama to do with xbox, that have eveything that those chines make after hours

that would be kool.

The first one was done the first day the Slim was released.

Dang, I wanna do that now.

I was going to put an old Xbox in a fish tank filled with mineral oil, but i might get the 4Gb slim and do it with that. then I will slowly add lights and bubbles and a radiator (so the tank will not get too hot). but first i need to pay off my car repairs :anguished: