Xbox 360 Slim Jtag or RGH help?

I’m sure this has been gone over 1000x and then some, so I appreciate it if anyone is willing to help me out here. All the stuff I’ve read is typically 4+ years old, dead links, pictures that have been moved/deleted, etc so they aren’t much help.

I just picked up a used 360 Slim (250GB) to get some nostalgia and play all the old Guitar Hero, and Rock Band. I’m not looking to go online with it, so I don’t mind if it gets banned or whatever. I just would love to be able to go back and fourth from all the games without having to get up and switch discs. (I have a large/long living room too, lol so it makes it that much more annoying).

I’ve read that RGH and Jtag are essentially the same thing, but RGH can take a long time to actually work and other times work instantly?

Thanks for any help or guides. I have jail broken all my Apple devices, rooted Androids before, and “jail break” firesticks, so I have a decent understanding of what it might take. I read somewhere that the Jtag requires soldering as well, which I am also comfortable with. Hopefully this is something still possible to get done!

An RGH can take considerably longer to boot up because it has to intentionally glitch the system in order for it to work. It will continue to glitch until it becomes successful. There are some motherboards which glitch “easier” meaning it takes less time to boot up. Having an RGH or JTAG will do the same thing, so don’t just focus on getting a specific one, they will both achieve what you want them too.

All modified consoles require some level of soldering. Many choose to buy one already done for them but you can attempt to do it on your own.

Thanks for the response, I thought the delay they were talking about was meaning when it tries to start a game or something. That’s no big deal at all if I had to wait a bit once I turned it on.

I already have the console though, and paid significantly less than what the pre-modded consoles are going for, around me at least. The mod idea wasn’t until afterwards when we were talking about modding at work and a guy mentioned how he picked up an original Xbox for his kid that was modded and had tons of games on the HD. Reminded me that people mod the 360’s as well, lol.

Do you know of any guides I can use? I just got home and powered the Xbox on, and it asked if I wanted to update, I said no, just in case that would change my ability to mod it. It’s a Slim 250GB console, the glossy black one if it matters. (I noticed they also had matte black consoles, but wanted more money for those)

Find out what your motherboard is called (e.g trinity, etc) and then look for what mod chips works for your motherboard.

I’m 99% sure a slim cannot be jtag’d (other mods are available though).

Whatever you do, do NOT update the console unless you do so using the method(s) mentioned in the videos below.

These are a good series of tutorial videos that helped ME get started. Maybe they will help you also…