Xbox 360 Turns on by Itself [WTF!]

Ok guys,
So iv’e been noticing lately that my 360 has been turning on by itself. Also, when it boots up, it’s always in 480p. What the hell is going on?
Does anyone have a clue?

Your 360 is either broken or on my drugs…No but in all seriousness I haven’t a clue but it being damaged or malfunctioning is always an option depending on how long you’ve had it for.

No joke mine has been doing the same.

It’s a Glossy Slim. What’s yours?

EDIT: Also I’m using HDMI.

I have the Matte Slim and im also using HDMI.

The NSA.

I’ve actually had this issue before as well. Nothing I could dig up could tell me how to fix it. It’s a 4GB Slim, and would power on, off, and eject by itself. I ended up taking a shot in the dark and replaced the power button/eject flex cable. Never had the issue again!

btw they said haveing trouble turning ON not OFF
and no ive not seen this mine would freeze alot but thats cus its location and mines the star wars slim

yep sounds like your flex cable is either gubbed or something is rubbing against it from the inside of the console.
question @OP have you took your console apart recently.

This happened with my old slim. Every time it would boot, it would be in 480p despite being hooked up via HDMI.
Either the touch sensitive power button is malfunctioning or you have critters inside. I had ants inside my old slim and they would trigger the power button. Turning it on and off like a ghost was in the house. After about a week of dealing with these two issues the xbox broke.

The flex cable has a slight tear in it somewhere, the cable that attaches the touch buttons to the faceplate. Either disconnect it and use a controller to turn the console on or replace it. It’s a simple fix. Mine did this before and replacing it fixed it.

Ok guys I understand the flex cable issue, but why the hell is it booting up in 480p?

Have you tried a different HDMI cable and is it connected directly to your TV or do you have it running through an amp or other multimedia device?

Google it, it’s a common issue with slims.
“Slim rebooting in 480p”

Its a Monster HDMI cable connected directly to me TV. I have tried other cables and other HDMI ports on my TV and I still have the same problems.

Tried the few “solutions” thats there, but the problem still occurs.

I would send it in for repair or trade it in for a different one if you still have your warranty. Should try and get the Slim E model, it doesn’t have stupid touch pad buttons