Xbox Live Account Banner Prank

I just finished making this program. It took me awhile to make this so please thank this post. With this program you can send an email to your friends xbox live account or someone who annoys you. It has three bans you can choose from witch you can see in the picture.
Download: Xbox Live Account Banner Prank.rar


Emails Sent:

Fix your images, and a virus scan is needed.

Virus Scans are pointless. And yes please fix images.

Here’s the image he’s trying to use:

I’m too tired for this…

Post abit about the program, what it does, etc.

Virus scan

An actual picture would be nice.

Neater format.

Mods/Admins, can we add a feature at sign-up where if you have a helmet, you can’t create an account?

edit: Thank you for somewhat fixing your post. Continue to explain, in detail what it does, and maybe show pics of it working, the emails it sends, what it looks like from victims point of view.

Pointless or not, people want them… “Not me” Cause im not downloading it regardless.

What exactly does this do…?


It’s clean, I am using it right now.

You’s trollin’?

I think I’ll give it a shot, but could please explain a little further of how the program works?

No im not xD

And dude you should make it so you can edit the temporary suspension email.

Don’t see how this is a modding tool, but anyhow. The email’s don’t look legit at all and the email is pretty self explanatory.

Norton anti Virus said sum **** about SONAR detected or somthing.

Norton sucks giant ****.

I want you around when I see down-tards on the internet.
I would pay you to scream at children.

Thats how the emails look like when you get one like this.

Email doesn’t look very legit.