Xbox live account for gamertag

Hello everyone,
I apologize first for the long quetion. Basically my problem is the email address to my gamertag has been deleted and theres no way for me to recovery my gamertag now I chatted with xbox support staff and theres nothing they can do because the gamertag is linked to email. I have some hope that I can still revoevery it some day because I still have the profile saved on my xbox 360 hard drive.
The only way I can think of to get it back now is if I can signup for xbox live again using the profile on my xbox 360. Ithink I can do this because my gamertag does not exist on xbox servers according to the xbox support staff when they tried to find it, I think it must of expired because the email was deleted about 6 years ago now so this gives me hope that I can create a new xbox live profile using the gamertag stored on the xbox 360. My question is is there a way to make the xbox 360 think that this profile was never connected to xbox live before sort of like an offline gamertag that just now wants to join xboxlive? I have the horizon modding tool and been trying to find a way to do this because now on my xbox 360 when I try to join xbox live it keeps asking me to enter my email and password which obviously I dont have anymore.
I have had this gamertag and all the achievements since 2007 and I feel really sad now that I cant get it back. Oh and yes I have tried the xbox recovery thing on there website but no luck on that.