Xbox Live Indie Game - Mods

XBL Indie Game Modifications
This thread is [u]strictly for Xbox Live Indie Game mods[u].
In this thread, users are allowed to post questions and requests for indie game mods.

Message me on XBL, my gamertags are: The Math Omen + I am Livegamer

PM me for specific details on some XBL Indie Game mods.

I do offer modding services for all the games that are listed below,
so please feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns
that you may have about anything that may come to mind.

Current Game List
Avatar Adventurers Online
Avatar Farm
Avatar Farm Online
Avatar Laser Wars
Avatar Laser Wars 2
Avatar Legends
Avatar Miner Paintball
Avatar Ninja!
Avatar Ninja! 2
Avatar Paintball
Avatars on the Edge
Avatar Warfare!
CastleMiner Warfare
CastleMiner Z
End of Days: Infected vs Mercs.
FortressCraft Chapter 1
Murder Miners
Nuclear Wasteland
Rumble Checkers Online
Shark Attack Deathmatch
Total Miner: Forge
Vampire Slayer FPS
White Noise Online
ZP2KX: Zombies and Pterodactyls!

I am open to requests for any indie game!
More games will be added over time! :smiley:

Can you give some info on what “awesome” mods you have…

I updated the thread :smile:

Can you mod Firing Range 2?

Why not just add a description to the mods themselves? Instead of a pm.

So, are these services… Free ? Like a mod tool or tut or something ?

Rather pointless thread, all you’ve done is mentioned a few games you claim you can mod… How can anyone “request” something without knowing first what you’re capable of actually doing.

I have updated the thread with a few more games. If you’re interested in knowing what mods there are for any of the games listed in this thread, post a reply asking about the specific game and I will be more than please to let you know what there is to offer. Also, if there’s an indie game that isn’t listed in this thread that you would like me to mod feel free to request whatever comes to mind.

can you mod this indie game for me

or tell me how to do so…I have horizon lmk thx

I want to be able to jump. I suck at this game and it would be much easier if you were able to jump.

Is there anyway to mod a indie game so that you don’t have to be on xbox live to play?

The only way to be able to do this is if you own a console that can run unsigned code. You would have to modify the game’s executable file, and to add in a feature such as jumping would take a long time to write, reason being that to edit the game I would have to write all the code in MSIL.

Sorry, but to my knowledge no.

Yes. PM me for details or add me on XBL.

what a waste of money! thanks a lot Microsoft!

hey can you make me a max out 2.0 skills save

can you mod survivalist?

i know most of the games you listed all you need is notepad or notepad ++ to open the saves in order to mod them…

On what game?

Please could you elaborate on the actual title of the “survivalist” game? And of the games that I have listed, majority of them you can’t just take into a text editor and edit. Only some of the files from a few of the games I have listed can just be edited from right inside of a text editor, but there will usually be multiple problems doing that. Reason being there are usually one or more either public or custom checksums inside of the files. If you could name a few games that I have listed that you know that you’re able to modify from inside of a text editor and will have no problems after loading the files, please do tell me. I try to offer a modding service for a variety of indie games, but for the most part I try to provide indie game mods for games that normally you would never think of being ability to mod, or game which nobody else has mods for. :smile: