XBOX Live queries

How do i go live with my jtag xbox ?
If you prefer to remove jtag, tell me how to run my wd 1 tb hdd without jtag
and also tell me how to install games off an usb without jtag

To use your modified console online, you will need a Stealth Service Provider such as XBLSE or XBLS (a.k.a: XBL NiNja). These require a payment for the duration you want to be online for. The longer you want to be online, the more you will pay. You will also need a KV supplier as your console will be getting banned frequently and you will need a new KV to ‘un-ban’ your console. A new KV can be purchased for as little as $8. There is NO guarantee how long a KV will last for.

To my knowledge, a standard retail Xbox 360 was only able to use a maximum of 32gb of an external HardDrive. However, I think Microsoft has released a new update very recently to support the use of a 2TB storage device. If this is correct, this should allow you to simply plug-in your 1TB HardDrive and configure it through the ‘Settings’ tab on the console.

You can not install games from a USB device, without the use of modified console (JTAG / RGH).

Troy summed everything up there, but you cannot use the 2tb hdd just yet, the update hasn’t came out for the public just beta.