Xbox one custom controllers

I’m looking for a place to buy one. I want a white one like the sunset/I made this one… Glossy or matte idk. I saw evil controllers, but it’s a hit or miss I see some people have been waiting for their orders for like 40-60+ days…

You won’t believe the website I found that sells the best controllers and aren’t priced so high because the creator needs money… eBay.

EDIT: Seriously though buy through eBay on websites like Scuf, Evil Controllers, etc you are just buying the name not the product. The controller shells for the 360 are like $20 and for the One they are $30 or so I haven’t checked, but the amount of money and work that goes into “custom” controllers is not even that much they are only like $50 to make unless they buy the actual controller with the guts and customize it then it’s like $80 or so. You want to buy off of Evil Controllers, my friend bought one from there and it took weeks for it to arrive, just buy off of eBay get a custom controller for a lot lower than the one on the EC website and it should arrive in a week depending on where it is getting shipped from.

Or just like… Unscrew the shell and paint it yourself.

Scufs aren’t just for the colour though, but yes they are overpriced to hell.

I found a cool website awhile ago where you can customize a controller yourself and then order it. No idea if it’s legit so use caution, it’s also pretty expensive:

That wasn’t what he asked.

eBay is a good bet dude.

EvilControllers a good, but a little overpriced I feel. They must be doing well though, you can buy them officially from Best Buy now, they recently received a grant.

Who would of thought?! Modded Controllers are now in Retail stores! What’s next? JTAGs?

I know there is another site just like evil controllers that just went up, lots of customization too but I have to find the site again. Ebay isnt bad tho you just have to find a good seller that wont rip you off.

Ebay is selling white controllers for 120-150$… Evil controllers is reputable, but people still say 2 months later they got nothing and still no word from customer support or phone calls.

This custom all white ships from Canada and the price is still fairly low. It is crazy how whites are so expensive but you can get other custom designs for well under $100.